Affiliated with University of Karachi
Affiliated with Board of Intermediate Education Karachi


SINDH NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE & MANAGEMENT SCIENCES (SNTC & MS) is established and managed under Al-Waris Educational Society, and has been registered under Sind Private Educational Institution (Regulation and Control) Ordinance 2001 by Executive District Officer Higher Education, No. EDO/HE/CDGK/P.S/(45-46)/2002, whose chairman is Mr. Badar-ul-Hassan Warsi. ‘SINDH NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE & MANAGEMENT SCIENCE’ is managed by AL-WARIS EDUCATION SOCIETY. SNTC & MS is affiliated with UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI Bachelors of Studies (Business Administration) program. The popularity and general acceptance of SNTC & MS academic programs supplemented with the high educational standards and provides its graduates an opportunity to enter in the fields of business and industry at appropriate levels.


The SNTC & MS is no longer expected to restrict its role to conventional education rather it is expected to have a greater understanding and experience in the subjects of textile technologies, business finance, information technology, corporate management and banking. The business managers and textile technologies of today must possess adequate managerial, decision-making, problem solving, and effective communication skills.


Our education system and syllabus are structured to prepare candidates to face the challenges posed by the changing global and national economic scenarios. A student must understand that the knowledge gained through theoretical studies is for the purpose of applying it to practical situations with which he/she would be faced for decision-making or for analyzing particular situations/problems to arrive at alternative solutions of which the most appropriate solution is to pick for the achievement of the aim.


The SNTC & MS has a firm belief in meeting education needs for the present and the future generations. The SNTC & MS is trying to fulfill another dire need of professional and technical education in Pakistan as it is becoming very expensive, especially in recent years in view of the government’s policy to encourage private sector in these fields. Exultantly the lower strata of the society are being marginalized and their children have very little chance to acquire higher education in the fields like textile technologies, business administration & computer science. SNTC & MS is attempting to meet this challenge and to keep all the avenues open for these classes and serving the financially handicapped.


SNTC & MS is trying to eliminate the class conflict by augmenting profession education from the society to meet its societal objective.





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